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Our People

Robby BarkleyRobby Barkley, President, Chief Executive Officer

Robert K. Barkley is President and CEO of Barkley Ag Enterprises, LLC, which provides administration and management oversight to affiliates Barkley Company of Arizona, Barkley Seed, Inc., and GreenGate Fresh, LLP.  Barkley Company of Arizona is a family farming operation based in Yuma, Arizona, growing several thousand acres of vegetables, citrus, cotton and grain annually.  Barkley Seed, Inc., also based in Yuma, operates throughout the southwestern United States marketing wheat, grain and forage seeds. GreenGate Fresh, LLP, based in both Yuma and Salinas, California, is committed to providing high quality salads to the foodservice industry.

The Barkley legacy began in the early 1900’s with homesteaders Hugh and Les Barkley. For over 85 years and now in its fourth generation, the Barkley family has promoted education and employment opportunities as life-improving factors for many area residents.  Robby has not only maintained his family’s passion for progress within his communities, he has become a leader and a champion of science and education.Robby has a unique ability to develop and articulate a vision that brings others (scientists, producers, managers, etc.) to a common set of objectives.  In so doing, the need for the development of a better understanding of the biological and physical phenomena that we are trying to manage in agricultural systems takes on greater clarity for everyone.  Robby then commonly helps facilitate the development of suitable research and educational protocols with the appropriate scientists to address the question or problem at hand. By communicating with the production community, he keeps them engaged in the process and ready to marshal the resources needed to get the work done.

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